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Success! Message received. is a family-owned business.We were first established in 2001 with offices located in the Southeastern U.S.


Our family hosted the Late Dr. John Lee on his travels to the East Coast in the 1990's. He was a forerunner in the education and development of natural progesterone cream.  Using his guidelines, the Original Happy PMS Cream was created.


On our site, we feature the original Happy PMS Cream and other life-changing women's products made with natural ingredients. Since then, we've also created our men's line, soaps, lotions and other unique and innovative products.


Our goal is to support and promote a natural health lifestyle by supplying products made of high-quality ingredients from nature. We use ingredients, free from GMOs, mineral oils, soy and other Phyto-estrogens which can be harmful to the body.

We have received countless testimonies over the years of people all over the world benefitting from the products we sell. Especially our natural progesterone creams have made huge changes for the better in the lives of customers.


It is our mission to offer the purest products and healthy alternative products at an affordable price. We also hope to educate people on natural progesterone, hormone imbalance, and other related health issues.

While there are other sites selling Happy PMS Cream, we are the original. This is where a whole line of amazing, natural products was started.

"Female Friendly” 


I’m not grumpy,

I’m not mean,

I’m not dumpy,

Nor obscene.


Why am I so good,

acting pleasant like I should?

Because my woes are less and less,

when I use my Happy PMS!!


Rub it in, Rub it in,

Soak it deep in your skin;

So we can be a delicate flower,

Not changing moods by the hour.


Rub it in, Rub it in,

Now we can deal with our men.

We act like sweet little lambs,

all we really needed was those Yams!


Author  - A Friendly User of Happy PMS

"I now have had success treating PMS related migraines, moodiness, and dysmenorrhea."


"I currently have a dozen or so patients who are using the natural progesterone cream who have give[n] me feedback as to it effectiveness.  I now have had success treating PMS related migraines, moodiness, and dysmenorrhea.  I have one patient who is having success treating endometriosis and several who are successful treating breast tenderness.  My other use of the progesterone cream has been for older women who do not want estrogen.  They are anxious for something affordable that may prevent osteoporosis.  Fosamax and Calcitonin-Salmon are both very expensive.   I have found that women are very receptive to this alternative and I have used my newfound experience and knowledge as a practice builder.  So thank you once again for introducing me to the natural progesterone. naturalrogesterone."    

- BC. Glen Saunders, M.D. FACOG, Cleburne, TX

"I no longer have osteoporosis!"


"I just placed my next order with HM Enterprises for the Happy PMS, and I was talking with a very knowledgeable and helpful woman there. I am delighted to report after 3 years use I no longer have osteoporosis!  I was jogging, eating good, and taking care of myself many years before I started the Happy PMS, and this made the change in my bone health."


- S. Worstell, Seward, AK         

"I used it for 2 months and found the results to be astounding."


"In 1994 I was diagnosed with progesterone deficiency, hypothyroidism, hypoglycemia, I gained 15 pounds, had constant hot flashes (in my thirties), insomnia, dry skin, memory problems, energy loss, sore breasts, and endometriosis for which I had surgery.  My doctor prescribed progesterone suppositories.  They were irritating and too strong. I soon quit using them.  I suffered constantly until I was introduced to your cream in the beginning of 1999.  I used it for 2 months and found the results to be astounding. I look ten years younger.  This past February I went to the GYN for a basic check up.  She told me AYour uterus seems great.  Very soft.  No sign of endometriosis@.  I am very thankful for your product.  I continue to suggest it to others for I know it will help anyone suffering with these symptoms."


- C. Johnson, Duluth, GA

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