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Apply ¼ tsp. (one inch strip) twice a day to thin skin areas (scrotum, inside arms, wrist, ankles, chest and feet) three weeks of each month. After three months reduce to 1/8 tsp. (1/2 inch strip) twice a day.

Why use Adam’s Prostate Care
Men that use Adam’s Prostate Care (see Men who use Adams) have reported relief from frequent urination, high blood pressure, high blood sugar,
enlarged prostate and high PSA count.

Testosterone is only Part of the Picture
(Excerpt from The John R. Lee, M. D.Medical Newsletter January 1999)
“Some years back, a handful of men called or wrote to tell me of their experience with progesterone, usually the result of handling progesterone cream while helping
a woman apply it. They reported that their symptoms of prostate enlargement or benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH) such as urinary urgency and frequency decreased considerably and their sexual performance increased. Needless
to say, this gave me much to think about. Since then, several men with prostate cancer have told me their PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) level - an indication of prostate cancer – decreased when they started using a daily dab of progesterone cream and that they had no progression of their prostate lesions since using the cream. One man called to say his bone metastases are now no longer visible by Mayo Clinic X-ray test. Though I retired from active practice ten years ago, six of my former patients with early prostate cancer have been using progesterone cream (along with diet, some vitamin and mineral supplements and saw palmetto) for about five years. All report their cancer has shown no progression.”

Adam’s Prostate Care is a unique herbal balancing cream for men. It is used by men with symptoms of hormone imbalance, or the first signs of prostate problems (usually in men over 45 years of age).